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Securing important data is an essential core of everything we do here at Truly Accountants. Rampant digitization and documentation of data also makes it vulnerable to security threats. With Truly Accountants, we ensure security protocols are paid heed to, at all times, so that all of your vital banking information may never spill out.

To bring you the best in security, we deploy the following measures to ensure GDPR compliance and data security:


GDPR Compliance

  1. We do not allow cell phones and any such data-transfer devices, for complete protection of your data.
  2. We also have an adept and up-to-date backup system that helps restore data in case you happen to lose data from your end.
  3. We facilitate encrypted data transmission for enhanced data protection
  4. We protect sensitive data like personal information or trade union membership information that may come up for payroll processing.
  5. We help with determining legal basis for processing personal data like bookkeeping, corporate tax returns, corporate accounts compilation, personal tax returns, and payroll



  1. Since the moment you reach out to us, we make sure no aspect of the information you trust us with is leaked out in any way.
  2. Every employee signs a Non-disclosure agreement, which states that breaching the confidentiality code, would lead to instant termination.
  3. Each employee has a unique login ID code and password, granting them access to their stations.
  4. There is restricted access to the internet, and is allowed only if essentially required. Access, when granted, is under Supervision.
  5. There is constant monitoring of every IP address’ web traffic, and if violations are found, then necessary actions are duly carried out.
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